Website Wellness Check

Get a detailled review of your German website to discover its weaknesses and reveal its opportunities to perform better—swift, specific, personalised.

Your German website is lacking behind its other language versions?

Get your personalised recipe to boost its performance and reach your conversion goals.

Why a website wellness check?

The Website Wellness Check is a low-risk way to find out why your German website doesn't perform well: Is it the style, an inappropriate tone of voice, or does your German copy just not flow naturally in German? Are the images not appealing to your German target audience? Whatever it is that drives away your visitors, I'll help you uncover it and provide you with hands-on tips and corrections to boost your website's performance.

Also, the Website Wellness Check is a risk-free and easy way to try out my services in case you consider starting a long-term collaboration with me. See first hand how I work and find out if we're a good match.

What's included?

Order now and within 10 business days, you'll receive:

  • A detailled evaluation I analyse the current fitness level of 3 pages of your website covering areas such as tone of voice, terminology, typos, design (like images and colours) as well as user-friendliness
  • A practical roadmap — You'll receive a tailormade recipe with personalised recommendations on how to improve your German website step by step
  • Up to 10 specific corrections — Special ingredients that you can directly implement to take the copy of your German website to a new level
  • An optional call to walk you through the results and plan your next steps

How it works

  1. Book your Website Wellness Check: Click the button below to fill in a quick questionnaire. It helps me to find out more about your business and the background of your website. Here, you'll also include the links to the 3 web pages you'd like me to review. 
  2. Make your payment: Once I receive your booking (the questionnaire), I'll send you the invoice which is due before I can get to work.
  3. Receive your review: Within 10 work days at the latest, you'll receive a link to a Google folder with your review and recommendations.
  4. Send me your feedback or book a walk-through call (optional)

Hi, I'm Annalena.

As a German marketing translator, I combine my passion for fitness and healthy living with my love for languages by helping fitness, femtech and wellness brands connect to their German-speaking customers, strengthen their community, and ultimately grow their business.

With over 10 years of combined experience in marketing translation, transcreation and copywriting, I know what makes your copy pop.

While being all about the small details, I never forget the big picture. I take ownership of my work and follow a proactive approach to improve our processes, efficiency, and results as we work together.

"What can I say, Annalena is one of a kind! I have worked in localization project management for almost 10 years and I have to say Annalena is by far one of the best translators I have ever worked with. She is extremely professional yet personable. Most importantly she always delivers a translation that requires little to no editing. She is detail-oriented and asks relevant/well-thought-out questions. I truly enjoy working with Annalena. If you are looking for an exceptional translation look no further!"

Pavel Trismakov, Simple Fasting App

Ready, steady, go:

Details & booking

Website Wellness Check - EUR 640.00
Review of 3 web pages (can include long-form sales page)
Delivery within 7 business days of making your payment


Is the Website Wellness Check right for me?

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If you're a small to medium-sized company, then the Website Wellness Check is just the perfect solution for you. Ideally, you're also in the fitness and wellness sector (that's where my true passion lies). But even if you're from other industries, I'm more than happy to analyse your German website copy.

Do you also check SEO-related issues?

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No. The main focus of the Website Wellness Check is on linguistic pitfalls, while also paying attention to design aspects as well as website usability/user experience.

What payment methods do you accept?

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I accept wire transfer.