German Translations for Fitness, Health & Nutrition Brands

Let me help you localise your marketing copy and content, connect with your German audience and grow your business internationally!

Translations for Fitness Brands

🚀 Are you planning to launch on the German market and need help with the translation or localisation of your most important materials and marketing content to get the process started?

🚀 Have you just launched on the German market and need someone to proofread and optimise your already translated content?

🚀 Are you already successfully established on the German market and are looking to expand your localisation team due to rapid growth and launch of new services and products?

🚀 Are you looking for a new partner you can trust with your German content?

What I can help you with

Translation, Localisation, Transcreation, Proofreading and Editing Services for the Fitness, Health and Nutrition Industry


I can help you build relationships and engage with your ideal customers through top-quality translations that meet the right tone of voice and style of your brand and represent your business in an authentic way across all channels.

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I'm Annalena Ouwens. As a German marketing translator and transcreator with over 9 years of experience I am committed to creating engaging, high-quality texts that help you build trust with your audience and grow your brand and business on an international scale. No matter how large or small the project, I tailor my services to your specific needs and go above and beyond to make sure we reach the perfect result together!

Your direct link to your German audience

Translation & Localisation

Make sure you are seen by your ideal clients. Communicate your message in more languages, increase your reach, expand your market! I translate from English, Spanish and Italian to German.


Editing & Proofreading

Brush up your existing German website, revise outdated translations, or have your content checked by a second set of eyes before publishing it. Together we achieve maximum results!


Make sure your marketing copy sells across borders. Through a combination of translation and copywriting I create a German version of your copy that has the same impact as the original.

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Localise your website and build trust with your audience

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